Connecting Technology and the

Changing Needs of Defense and

Civilian Applications

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BRIDGE Advanced Technologies

Connecting Technology and the Changing Needs of Defense and Civilian Applications

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BRIDGE Advanced Technologies Ltd. is an Israeli based provider of innovative Defense, HLS, Cyber and Industrial solutions. The Company caters to the unique demands of various Military Forces, Law Enforcements Authorities and governmental agencies, as well as Industry Integrators and Partners, equipping them with additional leverage to deal with different challenges.

BRIDGE Advanced Technologies’ team includes a major national team with over 30 years of experience and Israel’s major ex-security system leaders.


To be long-term bridge between technology and the changing needs of defense and civilian applications.


Providing significant value to our customers:

  • Cost reduction
  • Breakthrough technology
  • Operational superiority
  • Technical knowledge
  • Connection to the highest level of decision makers


BRIDGE Advanced Technologies is an advanced technologies provider of High- Tech, leading edge components, systems, sub-systems and equipment.

BRIDGE Advanced Technologies’ systems can be used as stand-alone platforms or can be fully integrated with existing ones. This ability combines best of class systems with cost effective solutions. We integrate and deliver effective solutions to provide our clients fulfill security and operational objectives for citizens and nations.

Technologies and Solutions

  • Radar Systems
  • Intelligence – Sigint, Comint, Osint
  • Electro optical systems and subsystems
  • Electronic Warfare including Anti Jam and RF
  • Communication and SATCOM
  • Laser and Lidar
  • Antenna for all kinds of applications
  • Cyber solutions
  • Robots and mobility applications
  • UAV systems and components
  • Space Technology and Components
  • Specialized modular test systems
  • Quantum computing platforms and applications


Market Segments

  • Defense
  • Homeland security
  • Police and paramilitary forces
  • Intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Public safety
  • Large industrial OEMs
  • Industrial systems
  • Tactical and strategic systems



BRIDGE Advanced Technologies’ leading forum brings integrated capabilities and experience that enable deep understanding of needs and challenges of the security market. This process leads to technological analysis and innovative thinking, based on the ability to provide solutions out of the creation of true cooperation based on strong connections with the global industry.

This forum has decided to utilize technological know-how and experience as well as knowledge about Israel’s future needs for the benefit of support foreign companies to expand their market penetration by integrating their principles in major Israeli programs for the next years.

Inspector General (Ret.). David (Dudi) Cohen


Mr. Cohen has over 30 years of experience in Homeland and National Israeli Security.

  • The 16th Police Commissioner of the Israel National Police (INP).
  • Head of the Intelligence and Investigations Division of the INP.
  • Commander of Central and South Districts of the INP.
  • Head of operations.
Mr. Cohen's experience in a wide range of executive management positions within the National Police provides him with vast and diverse skills to lead large and complex organizations and projects.

His various positions included core roles in law enforcement, intelligence, operations, technology and investigations. In recent years, Mr. Cohen has advised law enforcement and intelligence agencies on innovative security projects and initiatives that have greatly contributed to the entire society and its safety.

Mr. Jehezkel Grizim‏ - MSc


Mr. Grizim has more than 40 years of experience in both commercial and military in top management positions, system engineering and development of electronic scanning antenna for several applications such as radar satellite communication cellular systems mission aircraft and IoT.

Prior to joining BRIDGE, Mr. Grizim was VP at IAI responsible for new product development technologies and system engineering. Mr. Grizim was the Head of Elta/IAI Special Aircraft Group, Head of IAI Military Aircraft Division and Director of U-Vision Loitering Munitions Group.

Mr. Grizim main program activities:

  • Initiate the Active Phased array technology In Israel.
  • Managed and was the Key Technology engineer of the Phalcon Airborne Early Warning development and Green Pine Radar.
  • Involved in the development of several communication systems such as Phased Array Satcom airborne systems, SDR radio and Military Cellular network.
  • Involved in several UAV programs, ESM COMINT programs and Green Technology initiatives.
  • Awarded as a Member of Honored of the INCOSE IL the system engineering organization.

Brigadier General (Ret.). Shaike Horowitz


Mr. Horowitz has over 35 years of experience in Israel’s war against terror, Homeland Security, Critical incident response and Management.

Mr. Horowitz managed leading operations within the Israel National Police including the Bomb Division, Security Division and Operation Department.
 Administrated National programs such as: “safe cities” and “Municipal– policing” under the Minister of Public – Security.
Leading Israeli Borders Crossing Checkpoints program and the preparation of Guidelines on security issues, methods and technologies for preventing the smuggling of weapons and drugs into Israel.

Mr. Yair Ramati


Mr. Ramati has completed in December 2015, four years as Director of IMoD, the Governed agency that in charge of the development, production, and delivery of missile defense systems to the State of Israel.

Prior to this assignment, Mr. Ramati served as Marketing Corporate Vice President at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Received Bsc. & Msc. Degrees in Engineering from the Technicon and holds several patents.
He is also the recipient of some awards, amongst them The Israel National Security Award (2003) and The Multinational Ballistic Missile Defense Conference Meritorious Achievement Award (2000).


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